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Product Manufacturers

We proudly represent the following manufaturers:

AIR-MITE Air presses, valves, cylinders, flow controls, control systems
ALLENAIR CORP. Cylinders: Air, hyd., valves, cyl. checks, index tables
AMERICAN CYLINDER CO. Cylinders: Non-repairable, stainless steel & aluminum
ARROW PNEUMATICS, INC. Air Line accessories, filters, regulators, lubricators, mufflers, speed control mufflers, dryers, large filters
AIRTEC ISO Cylinders, Rodless Cylinders and Air Valves
COIL HOSE  Safety air tool accessories and air line controls
DELTROL CORP Flow controls for air/hyd.  Check valves & valve manifolds
EFDYNE CORP Hydraulic shock absorbers
FABCO-AIR Pancake cylinders, grippers, multi-power cyl, automation products
FREELIN-WADE Plastic tubing, coiled
GOODYEAR Air springs and actuators for industrial use
HYDRONIC CORP. Hydraulic, air driven intensifer pumps and pump units
LA-MAN CORP. Extractor / dryers, filters & oilers
LEXAIR Valves, air & hydraulic, manual & solenoid sizes to 2-1/2"
MARION MANUFACTURING Hydraulic filters, suction strainers, hydraulic indicators
MARSH INSTRUMENT CO. Gauges, pressure & vacuum, needle valves, thermometers
MINER ELASTOMER CO. Tecspak bumpers for crane and load damping applications
MONNIER, INC. Air Line equip to 1-1/2" NPT, filters, regulators, lubricators
NACHI AMERICA, INC. Hydraulic Pumps and Hydraulic Valves
NORGREN Cylinders, air, band and specials
NORMAN Hydraulic filters, Filter carts, Filter panels, Suction strainers, Tee-type filters, Inline filters
NYCOIL COMPANY Fittings, DOT, Industrial, brass fittings, tubing, ball valves
PISCO Fittings, regulators, flow controls, orifice fittings, vacuum generators
PIZZATO Food, pharmaceutical, high pressure cleaning, aggressive cleaning agents, dust, dirt, grease, oil, high and low temperatures, heay loads and cycle rate
PNEMADYNE, INC. Valves, fittings, air jets for sorting
POLYCONN, INC. Air hose, fittings, couplers, tubing, multi-flow tubing, coiled
RECTUS CORP. Quick couplers, air, oil & water for mold coolant, blow guns
ROTOMATION, INC. Rotary: actuators, indexers and steppers, pick-place units
SPARTAN SCIENTIFIC Solenoid valves, 2-way & 3-way


Air Cylinders, 1-1/2" to 10" Bores, N.F.P.A. Interchange
SUGINO Pneumatic and electric powered drilling and tapping systems, multiple spindle heads, adjustable and fixed-center heads
TOL-O-MATIC PRODUCTS Band & Cable Cylinders, Power Blocks, Pick & Place Units, Rotary Actuators & Grippers, Brake & Gearboxes
VERSA PRODUCTS Valves, air & hydraulic, manual, solenoid, pilot operated and direct solenoid, aluminum, brass and 316 stainless steel


Vacuum Pump Vacuum Cups and Accessories
YATES INDUSTRIES Cylinders, air and hydraulic, standard and heavy duty, mill grade cylinders, generic seal kits for other makes of cylinders

Products of these companies are in stock at our North Little Rock warehouse.  Call on our watts line and check delivery and prices.  If you need information on some product and can't find it, call or fax us.  Also, if you are looking for machine tool components, call and request our separate catalog.