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We provide the following products:

AIRLINE ACCESSORIES Filters, regulators, lubricators, mufflers, speed control mufflers, check valves, quick exhaust valves, needle valves
AIR TREATMENT EQUIPMENT Dryers of all types, large filters, aftercoolers, separators, auto drains, relief valves
AUTOMATION COMPONENTS Powered slides, band cylinders, power block, ball screw controlled systems, servo & stepper motor controlled pick & place units, grippers, rotary actuators
CYLINDERS Cylinders Air and Hydraulic, Light duty, Medium & Heavy duty, Steel Mill grade, Throw away, Stainless steel tie rod cylinders & SS non tie rod cylinders.
ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEMS Electronic controllers, proximity switches, power supplies, special modules.
FITTINGS, HOSE, TUBING Tubing benders, mounting brackets, Push-in fittings, tubing cutters, blow guns, ball valves, tubing benders, etc.
GAUGES & THERMOMETERS Pressure & vacuum gages, stainless steel & standard gages, needle valves, block & bleed valves, gauge shut-off valves.
HYDRAULIC ACCESSORIES & VALVE MANIFOLDS Cartridge valves & manifold assemblies, filters, strainers, flow controls, indicators, small power units both AC & DC voltages.
HYDRAULICS Directional, pressure, proportional, servo control valves, gear pumps, vane & piston pumps, power units, pressure and directional control valves.
QUICK COUPLERS Air & hydraulic couplers, blow guns, special couplings.
VALVES Valves for Air, Cold water, Hot water, Low pressure Hydraulics, Solenoid, Manual, Pilot operated, in two-way, three-way, four-way, two & three position.  Sizes ranging from 10-32 tapped to 3" NPT.
VALVES, GENERAL Direct solenoid & pilot operated valves, bronze, stainless steel & brass for water, oil, gas & steam. 1/8" to 3" NPT